Terrible news from Sri Lanka

moulesy replied on 21/04/2019 10:33

Posted on 21/04/2019 10:33

Awful news from Sri Lanka this morning. The latest updates suggest 8 separate bombs and hundreds killed and injured. Having toured that beautiful island earlier this year our hearts go out to the people of Sri Lanka, particularly those who have lost loved ones in this terrible atrocity. 

Takethedogalong replied on 21/04/2019 13:45

Posted on 21/04/2019 13:45

You’d think the world had enough problems without this sort of mindless thuggery. Terrible for all those involved.

moulesy replied on 21/04/2019 15:24

Posted on 21/04/2019 15:24

When we were over there we were constantly told of how proud the Sri Lankans were that, since the civil war, all the religious groups had lived together harmoniously. So I do hope that, whoever is responsible for this atrocity, they do not claim to have acted in the name of any one religion (although that does seem to be the root of so many problems in our troubled world). 

Takethedogalong replied on 21/04/2019 15:40

Posted on 21/04/2019 15:40

Afraid it’s not just Sri Lanka. It would be lovely if the World could take a long hard look at all religions and cherry pick what’s good about them all, and forget all the divisiveness and cruelty, bigotry and misunderstandings. Many countries held back from progressing because of religion, and a few others that like to consider themselves forward thinking could adopt some of the kindness and compassion that underpin a lot of religious beliefs. Good and bad in all sadly.

milliehull replied on 21/04/2019 22:12

Posted on 21/04/2019 22:12

Such a terrible atrocity. I thought of you and your OH touring there recently moulsey. If only all people regardless of their religious or political beliefs would treat each other with respect and tolerance.