Cancel the trip ....

WayTwoGo replied on 15/05/2019 23:21

Posted on 15/05/2019 23:21

... .. because a new Poliakoff series begins the day we cross to Calais. After posting a while back that there is little I wish to watch on TV, along comes a series I will wish to watch. And what a cast. I’ll have to take away with me all my Poliakoff DVDs and wallow in those until I return and will, hopefully, watch the new drama on catch-up. And then buy the DVD. Anyone else a fan of his work?

WayTwoGo replied on 16/05/2019 11:34

Posted on 16/05/2019 10:48 by AnotherDavid

I am a fan too but not enough to cancel  a tripsmile

Loved the one with Timothy Spall at a photo archive 

Posted on 16/05/2019 11:34

Well, no, of course no cancellation. Impatient to be off....But isn't it just sod's law that having been incarcerated in the UK for longer than we care to be here, and finding nothing compelling on TV, the very day we cross there is something I'd love to watch....

T Spall is in this new one too. (To me, he'll always be Barry in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, although I know he's graduated way beyond that role.)