DavidKlyne replied on 05/01/2019 09:41

Posted on 05/01/2019 09:41

Are many of you fans of this series? I have not watched past series so knew very little about it. However as it was on four consecutive evenings I decided to give the latest series a watch. Um, not so sure. There seemed to be a fairly good story line running through the four episodes but it was over shadowed at every turn by a sub plot, or was it the main plot! Seems to be a particularly gruesome programme?


allanandjean replied on 05/01/2019 09:53

Posted on 05/01/2019 09:53

Hi David, thanks for your review and probably saving me spending time on something that I had considered but, having noticed a review that mentioned how graphic it was, had doubts about.

It has had the all too common treatment of being mentioned at almost every program break, to the point of becoming irritating, and our recent experience has been that the old adage of something sounding too good to be true certainly seems to hold for programs promoted this way. 


Tammygirl replied on 05/01/2019 13:56

Posted on 05/01/2019 13:56

We have watched Luther before but I have found this series to be even more graphic. I do worry about the mindset of the the writer to be able to 'think' about the most horrific ways of killing folk. 

cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2019 16:42

Posted on 05/01/2019 16:42

I see from today's Times that there have been a number of complaints to the BBC about its graphic nature. The viewing figures started at 5.6m but had dropped 1m by the third episode. Viewers voting with their remotes?

Metheven replied on 05/01/2019 22:15

Posted on 05/01/2019 22:15

I never watched previous Luther series, and this one had history I knew nothing about. However I really enjoy violent dramas and thoroughly enjoyed it with both the history timeline and the main plot running in parallel.

I don't have a problem separating fiction from reality, perhaps that makes it easier to view.

jonray57 replied on 06/01/2019 09:28

Posted on 06/01/2019 09:28

Unlike the Beeb to screen such a gritty and graphic series (hence the complaints?) or perhaps they're trying to compete with the other channels?

Personally, it didn't do it for me.

PATMAU replied on 06/01/2019 10:16

Posted on 06/01/2019 10:16

Watched the first 2 episodes, but not having seen any previous series, I'm afraid " I lost the plot",  and didn't see it through., lol

DavidKlyne replied on 06/01/2019 20:27

Posted on 06/01/2019 20:27

I appreciate there will be a degree of "hangover" from previous series but this was not really expanded on as the new series started. It was likely with the extensive publicity for the new series that people new to the series would start watch. Another issue is whether the main character in believable. I know all cop series tend to be based on detectives that do their own thing but I think Luther takes it way beyond that. Not sure I shall be watching further series!

Now look forward to the new series of Endeavour and Vera, more my cup of tea. Prefer my detectives to be clever rather than brutal!


63ellsbells replied on 19/01/2019 13:41

Posted on 19/01/2019 13:41

Well, just finished watching this 4 parter on planner. Never watched Luther before and thought I’d see what all the hype was about.

 Very disappointed really. Totally ridiculous plots and sub-plots, Luther going off doing his own thing with everyone around him getting killed, and then at the end, the weakest bit of writing I can remember...

“..right where do we think he could be then? Well, he won’t be where the Police are (you don’t say!), so therefore he must be where the Police have just been (really?). I know, he’s at the teacher’s house, off we go”...

 How absolutely unbelievable. 

 Glad I haven’t been drawn in before and won’t be in a hurry to watch again.

 As for Elba as the next James Bond...what a mistake that would be.

He has such a dreadful swagger about him and having never watched him before, didn’t know he was so bow legged! Just make the next Bond villain a pig and put him in an alley and he’ll never get caught 😂