DavidKlyne replied on 08/01/2019 00:41

Posted on 08/01/2019 00:41

This is a series currently being shown on ITV over three evenings this week. It is a dramatisation of the real life events leading to the arrest of Levi Bellfield. Martin Clunes plays the part of DCI Sutton of the Met who is the SIO of the case which started with the murder of a French young lady but expanded to cover many other murders including that of Milly Downer. It is interesting if you like to follow police procedures and the detail of a case, so removed from something like Luther. Also interesting is the competition between police officers and different parts of the police structure. If you have not already done so it might be worth a watch if you like the things I have mentioned. It also goes to show how these investigations take over the lives of the officers involved. 


heddlo replied on 09/01/2019 09:04

Posted on 09/01/2019 09:04

We have been watching this on ‘catch-up’ following your comments David and something OH had read.  It’s very good and quite absorbing. I can see how caring police officers are unable to see past the job they are involved in and want the perpetrator brought to book whatever the personal cost. We still have the final part to watch but a fascinating insight. 

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I have now watched all three episodes and as you say very absorbing. It just shows that attention to detail really pays off as you will see in the final episode. It is probably an unusual role for Martin Clunes but he carries it off very well I feel. 


the sweetyman replied on 09/01/2019 13:08

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There was further reference to the case on channel5 immediately after the last of the series in which another investigator was looking at the same links to other murders.worth watching.

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Very good watch, not sure it's right to say I enjoyed it in view of the subject matter.

Yes things like this do take over lives, and stay with those dealing with it, not just the police officers. Good mental health care is needed for those in that position. I'll say no more but there are public employees who are expected to deal with this type of thing alone without debriefing and handle several of this type simultaneously.