Our School by the Tower

DavidKlyne replied on 18/03/2019 22:15

Posted on 18/03/2019 22:15

I have just watched one of the most emotional television programmes I have seen in a while. The story revolves around the Kensington Aldridge Academy or KAA for short which is school in the shadow of Grenfell Tower. The school had to be evacuated after the fire to temporary premises and the story is about the children returning to main school. I started watching because I quite like the programmes put together my choir master Gareth Malone. Over two episodes it traces the move back to the school and the children performing a concert to mark the return. The songs, acting and dance were all written by the children and I suppose directed by Gareth. It just gives you hope.


takethedogalong replied on 19/03/2019 20:11

Posted on 19/03/2019 20:11

Another interesting link to Grenfell and music DK. Katherine, Duchess of Kent has just taken on a music teaching role with Grenfell children. She gave up Royal duties many years ago, and actually taught music in a primary  school in Hull for around 10 years, completely under the media radar.

DavidKlyne replied on 19/03/2019 22:28

Posted on 19/03/2019 22:28

If you watch the programme  you will see that it's more about the children than the teachers, or their famous helper, whose role was really to facilitate the children trying to get to grips with their feeling through performing arts which is a speciality of KAA. They also had to learn that there were boundaries to what they could do as obviously it is, amongst the affected community  still an immensely sensitive issue.