Tragic old people having fun

WayTwoGo replied on 01/07/2019 20:06

Posted on 01/07/2019 20:06

On another forum (not caravan / motorhome / camping related) I read that it’s “tragic” to see old people enjoying themselves at the Glastonbury Festival. So there we have it, old people must not enjoy themselves unless they wish to be tragic figures.

(Age was not defined, but ensuing comments would seem to suggest that meant anyone over 40.)

At what age will you retire from enjoyment? What will you give up? What will you rush to do before you become a  ”tragic” figure? What will you go on enjoying? What is old?

Indeed, have we a duty to spare these sensitive young people the spectacle of old age enjoyment?

ABM replied on 01/07/2019 20:29

Posted on 01/07/2019 20:29

Ban them I say, Get the old fools back into their corners with fresh, cleaned spittoons.yell

More room is required for us youngsters to do what t'owd 'uns ain't capable of now, if indeed they ever were  innocent

Rant [ part 1 of sixteen ] over wink

brue replied on 01/07/2019 20:32

Posted on 01/07/2019 20:32

I read an article written by Janet S Porter in the i this weekend, running down the idea of anyone wanting to go to the Glastonbury Festival. I just thought "Janet you're losing it!" and you're showing your real age not the one you imagine yourself to be...or perhaps no-one thought you interesting enough for a free ticket?
She then wrote about her earlier experiences at Glastonbury, full of nostalgic bravado. Nothing worse than an oldie telling everyone what anything used to be like in their day. laughing
So have fun one and all, don't tell anyone it used to be better when you were their age, it's a very ageing thing to say. I wonder what JSP did over the weekend whilst those thousands of all ages enjoyed themselves. wink

Wherenext replied on 01/07/2019 21:07

Posted on 01/07/2019 21:07

We had just returned to our parked car from a walk in the Lakes and a young lady was changing out of her walking boots.

"Wow, you two look really shattered" she said. "Have you walked around the Lake? It's quite a way for older folk".

"Not quite" I politely through gritted teeth replied. " We have just climbed up that mountain opposite, Red Pike, walked along the ridge, climbing higher, then down to that mountain over there, Haystacks, and then walked around the lake. Only 10 miles and a few thousand feet I know but when age catches up with you one has to learn to slow down a bit"

She had the decency to blush but didn't tarry to explain the feats of endeavour that she had just undertaken.

(Mind you we were probably a lot stiffer the following day than she was but don't tell her eh?)

Old age? It's for old minded people. I know old 30 y.o. and sprightly 86 y.o.

How many of us can remember the one in school who already seemed middle aged (equivalent of old age to a school child)?

AnotherDavid replied on 01/07/2019 21:36

Posted on 01/07/2019 21:36

We have just spent several weeks souround by and joining in with friends old and new who are old enough to know better.  Sorry it took us so long to embrace growing old disgracefullysmile

Rocky 2 buckets replied on 02/07/2019 09:36

Posted on 02/07/2019 08:35 by JVB66

There is a man in his nineties where we live who walks into town , one and a half miles, most days,and he is difficult to keep up with when i have walked with him, 

Posted on 02/07/2019 09:36

Smart move JV👍🏻, he’ll class you as ‘young un’, it’s always nice😊

ABM replied on 02/07/2019 17:36

Posted on 02/07/2019 17:21 by AnotherDavid

If you want to feel young go on a Saga cruisesmile

Posted on 02/07/2019 17:36

It would certainly keep you busy, reading the post you'll get surprised