DavidKlyne replied on 09/04/2019 00:22

Posted on 09/04/2019 00:22

This will be broadcast on BBC1 this week over several days so it should be easier to keep up. Having just watched the first episode I suspect we will be all over the place as to who the real  "victim" is but then I expect that is the rational of the series? John Hannah is the lead detective and as with all TV detectives he has his own baggage!!!


Moonstone replied on 09/04/2019 15:04

Posted on 09/04/2019 15:04

I quite enjoyed it, although never keen on all the time travel which goes on.   I'm sure it will raise some comments about the similarity to James Bulger.    Let's see what happens tonight. 

peedee replied on 10/04/2019 07:14

Posted on 10/04/2019 07:14

I persevered and watched the first episode on catch up again to fill in the bits I missed or only half taken in. The second episode last night was more interesting.


DavidKlyne replied on 10/04/2019 09:26

Posted on 10/04/2019 09:26

I imagine we will not know the truth until the final moments of the series? Last night we saw new themes introduced which could lead either way or indeed meant to mislead us? This genre of storytelling has, of course, been used before.


DavidKlyne replied on 11/04/2019 22:24

Posted on 11/04/2019 22:24

The series has ended now and I thought the last episode very interesting and dramatic. Quite clever now the story unfolded. I quite like these series that are on consecutive nights as you don't have to remember something that happened a week ago.