What is your favourite Music?

Rob501 replied on 13/05/2012 08:23

Posted on 13/05/2012 08:23

Now I know we're an eclectic lot in here. I do mean that in a literal sense. I bet we'd never find two outfits alike as we have our own mix and match tastes.

So what's your Desert Island going to be filled with as a background theme; Rock, Ballads, Classical, Country, Grunge perhaps?

Let's bare our musical souls - Nothing more Social than that?

Personally: May tastes change with my moods and, yes, sometimes I just prefer silence or the sound of the birds in the background, but here are some of my favourite tunes (Top 10 at the moment - In no particular order):

Narrow Daylight - Diana Krall

Copperline - James Taylor

Factory - Martha Wainwright

Anything by Dr. John (Fav:Creole Moon)

Piano Man - Billy Joel

Anything by Pink Floyd (Fav:Dark Side of the Moon of course)

Pretty much all Roxy Music/ Bryan Ferry

ZZ Top - All - And I mean their early stuff too

Hans Zimmer - Good Soundtracks

Bread - Just rediscovered my old LP's now I've got a USB turntable to put them all on my iPod.

Over to you........