DavidKlyne replied on 17/07/2019 19:31

Posted on 17/07/2019 19:31

Went to see this film this afternoon, very enjoyable. The premise of the story is that struggling singer is cycling home when there is a world wide power outrage. In the chaos he is hit by a bus and wakes up in hospital. During his recovery he starts to sing Beatles songs but soon realises that the Beatles seem never to have existed! He frantically tries to remember and write done all the Beatles songs and starts performing becoming famous in the process. He has constant angst that he will be found out. Probably won't go down as one of the greatest films about music culture but very watchable, certainly to those of us of a certain age. I won't give too much away but he also discovers several other famous things have never existed. It stars Himesh Patel and the love interest is Lily James with a bit more than a cameo role by Ed Sheeran.


MrRoute replied on 18/07/2019 12:01

Posted on 17/07/2019 22:17 by DavidKlyne

Blame Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, I think they needed a trigger on which to hang the story.

Posted on 18/07/2019 12:01

Hi David, we went to see this lovely film last week and thought it ticked all the right boxes. As beatles fans and in particular John Lennon we thought the set where he meets John or not,particularly moving.

Have you looked to see who played him or not.? Strange or clever writing.😎😎

DavidKlyne replied on 18/07/2019 13:30

Posted on 18/07/2019 13:30

I would never have guessed it was Robert Carlyle !

I wonder if Oneputt has seen this thread or the film as much of it was in his neck of the woods and also gives a positive image of that part of the Country?


Moonstone replied on 18/07/2019 13:48

Posted on 18/07/2019 13:48

We saw this a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it.   Ed Sheeran was great in it plus a couple of cameos from other famous faces.    Excellent singing from Himesh Patel!