In praise of British Cheese

Wherenext replied on 06/11/2016 14:09

Posted on 06/11/2016 14:09

Having just returned from the self styled capital of the cheese world, namely France, I would like to say how much we love British Cheese. Yes, we did enjoy many different types of French Cheese and count some of them among our own favourites but I don't think British Cheeses get the plaudits they deserve.

Nothing tastes quite like a really good Cheddar, our current one is Colliers (a Welsh one), or a Blackstick Blue or a Shropshire Blue or Mrs. Applebys Cheshire or a creamy Lancashire. Plus we are prepared to experiment with our cheese, by putting chilli or mustard etc. in. There are some smashing local entrepreneurs making cheese these days.

Why are our cheese not more respected?

Extugger replied on 04/05/2021 06:28

Posted on 04/05/2021 06:28


On a recent episode of "A New Life in the Sun" (i know it's sad, but in my defence, I was laid up on the sofa) a couple of British entrepreneurs had opened a bar and were selling British cheese to the French. From humble beginnings, they went from strength to strength, word spreading quickly throughout the village, culminating in them being extraordinarily successful. It would appear that the French appreciate our cheese more than we thought.

Living only a few miles from the largest, one day, cheese show in Europe, hopefully next years' Nantwich show will go ahead after being cancelled due to Covid and bad weather for the past two. Three years without my cheese-fix is a long time. However, solace can be sought when visiting Southport CAMC site and a 10 minute walk into the village of Birkdale and a wonderful cheesemonger. Hopefully they will have survived the Pandemic.


DSB replied on 04/05/2021 22:30

Posted on 04/05/2021 22:30

These days we tend to stick to the Cathedral City Lighter, but I did order some Snowdonia Cheese for Christmas.  That's well and truly finished now, but perhaps I ought to get some for my 70th b'day in a weeks time.  (Never thought I'd ever be that old!! 😃)


brue replied on 09/05/2021 21:16

Posted on 09/05/2021 21:16

Well DSB, I think you might have been disappointed to receive cheese for your 7th birthday but I hope you enjoy it on your 70th! Have a happy birthday. 🧀🍹

ABM replied on 10/05/2021 21:37

Posted on 10/05/2021 21:37

Well, Happy Birthday,  David, May your next 70 be twice as pleasant  as the preceding ones  wink

DSB replied on 13/05/2021 18:44

Posted on 13/05/2021 18:44

Thank you Brue and ABM.  I've just got to be really careful I don't put on the weight I've already lost.  I've already downloaded the calories so I can add in the Snowdonia Cheese when necessary.


brue replied on 30/05/2021 19:01

Posted on 30/05/2021 19:01

We've just been up in Wensleydale on our travels and I have to say if you like crumbly creamy cheese it's a very good place to find a tasty farmhouse one!

Years ago I remember a friend who came from Settle could always find a good homemade cheese on some of the farmhouse doorsteps.