In praise of British Cheese

Wherenext replied on 06/11/2016 14:09

Posted on 06/11/2016 14:09

Having just returned from the self styled capital of the cheese world, namely France, I would like to say how much we love British Cheese. Yes, we did enjoy many different types of French Cheese and count some of them among our own favourites but I don't think British Cheeses get the plaudits they deserve.

Nothing tastes quite like a really good Cheddar, our current one is Colliers (a Welsh one), or a Blackstick Blue or a Shropshire Blue or Mrs. Applebys Cheshire or a creamy Lancashire. Plus we are prepared to experiment with our cheese, by putting chilli or mustard etc. in. There are some smashing local entrepreneurs making cheese these days.

Why are our cheese not more respected?

HelenandTrevor replied on 15/11/2016 17:41

Posted on 15/11/2016 17:41

As far as blue cheeses go you can't beat Yorkshire Blue in my opinion.

Corra Linn, a Scottish cheese from Lanarkshire Is also well worth a mention.

Not a big fan of blue cheese but had an excellent yorkshire blue from a deli in Oakham, so it's now on my favourite list.

JonCaz replied on 15/11/2016 20:01

Posted on 15/11/2016 20:01

I'm also a lover of mouse meat

Hartington blue, Dovedale blue, Huntsman and Stinking bishop are wonderful 

Bought some truckles of Hartington cheese today at the Chatsworth House Christmas Market.  Went for  the Mature Cheddar, Caramelised Onion and Chilli and Lime.  Looking forward to sampling it later.


Sounds like a great choice...we're going to the Christmas market tomorrow.

Tonight I'm making a fuss of some Double Barrel mature cheddar.

ABM replied on 15/11/2016 20:49

Posted on 15/11/2016 20:49

Joe Louis was 'The Brown Bomber'

Thank  you  for  the  Correction  CY,  I'm  obviously  showing  my  age  now    !

ABM replied on 15/11/2016 20:50

Posted on 15/11/2016 20:50

Cheese  ??  Surprised  Where  ?  ??  Money Mouth


Just  had  a  slice  or  three of  Snowdonia's  Red  Devil  -- almost  makes  me  like  a  certain  KickBall  Team  !!

Yes  Really,  It's  that  good   Wink

Try Snowdonia Black Bomber, too!  It's a very strong 'cheddar type' cheese, which is very very tasty, and very moreish!    We always bring some back from Wales when we visit, and our local Booths stocks it too.

I'm almost sure that Brian will have had Black Bomber as I know that, like myself, always visits the Snowdonia Cheese Stall at the NEC shows.


Indeed  I  do  !!Happy

ABM replied on 16/11/2016 20:56

Posted on 16/11/2016 20:56

True,  CY,  Very  True  {  But  what  a  way  to  go   WinkLaughing    }



Edit  ( a k a  P.S.  !! )  Its  not  the cheese  thats  causing  my  memory  to fail,  tho'  !! Wink   well  not  yet  anyway   )

Merve replied on 28/11/2016 19:16

Posted on 28/11/2016 19:16

Just wish it was not all so fattening!

Write your comments here...My thoughts exactly Nav- Now I have worked hard to lose 26lb I have to be careful what I eat but extra careful where cheese is concerned! It's just lovely stuff!

Wherenext replied on 25/12/2016 18:48

Posted on 25/12/2016 18:48

Well, over the last three days I've decided that M&S invented elasticated waistbands for cheese lovers so i would be impolite not to partake of the odd slice or two so I've had a nice slice of Wensleydale with ginger and cranberry, a slice or two of Blackstick Blue and a wonderfully smelly and ripe Stinking Bishop which did exactly what it said on the tin.

The diet (weight watchers cottage cheese?) can start sometime in neverneverland.