Jam first or cream!!!

DSB replied on 15/08/2021 10:48

Posted on 15/08/2021 10:48

After our recent stay in Cornwall we've now moved to East Devon.  Our last Cornish Cream tea was at Healey's Cyder Farm..... yesterday we visited Budleigh Salterton, and whilst walking along the front came across a 'beach cafe' that also served cream teas.  We just couldn't resist.  I decided to try putting the cream on first and spreading the jam on top - the Devon way!  However, after having got in a bit of a mess with it, I reverted to the Cornish way - jam first with the cream on top.  To be honest  I find the Cornish way much more intuitive and less messy.

.......so which way do you prefer:  jam first with the cream on top (Cornish) or cream first with jam on top (Devonish).


DSB replied on 19/04/2022 20:22

Posted on 19/04/2022 19:51 by Rob2CathDavies

Well we always think of clotted cream as one of our ‘five a day’.  After all, it is processed grass!

We we’re disappointed to hear of the cancellation of the Devon/Cornwall Border music festival.  Apparently they couldn’t decide which band to have on first.  The Jam or the Cream.



Posted on 19/04/2022 20:22

🤣🤣  Love the idea that clotted cream is one of the 'five a day'....

On a different tag....  my wife sent me to the Co-Op to pick up one or two items of food last night.  When she unpacked the bag, she (surprisingly) found a container of Rhoddas Clotted Cream.  I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to put the Rhoddas in the basket... it wouldn't have been so bad had I have bought something to eat it with.. but nothing!... just the Rhoddas!! 🤣🤣🤣


ABM replied on 20/04/2022 09:32

Posted on 20/04/2022 09:32

CY, I think it was originally  completed with :--

" Frankly, my Dear, just spread it around "

redface replied on 14/05/2022 23:27

Posted on 14/05/2022 23:27

Hey - it is food, goes down the gut which makes a right mess when the stomach churns and looks nothing like the original input.

It really doesn't matter!

Cornersteady replied on 15/05/2022 12:00

Posted on 14/05/2022 23:27 by redface

Hey - it is food, goes down the gut which makes a right mess when the stomach churns and looks nothing like the original input.

It really doesn't matter!

Posted on 15/05/2022 12:00

yes but it has to pass some taste buds first and on mine jam then cream tastes better. I've done numerous tests over the years - some with my eyes closed in case that made a differencesmile

redface replied on 16/05/2022 21:06

Posted on 16/05/2022 21:06

Well, I have tried both ways round and decided that I like the three ingredients no matter which way round they hit the taste buds.

Scone jam and cream - delicious provided you are outside, in the fresh air and it is sunny!

Indoors on a grey day - not so brill!


brue replied on 17/05/2022 21:13

Posted on 17/05/2022 21:13

Or a good cheese scone if you like something savoury. Excellent tasty ones at NT Montacute House. wink (blatant Somerset advert, others are available. )

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