DSB replied on 03/07/2017 22:56

Posted on 03/07/2017 22:56

I know there are several wine lovers on here, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a place to discuss and share each others favourite tipple.

A wine I have recently taken to is Barefoot Merlot.  A Californian wine, full bodied wine with a blueberry and plumb flavour.  Really worth a try.  We get it from the Co-op at a little less than £7 a bottle.


DEBSC replied on 29/07/2021 17:09

Posted on 29/07/2021 17:09

For the last month I have been on a diet, so no wine bought. Just got the credit card bill, flipping heck our Tesco bill has reduced! Now thinking about all the 1bs/pounds.

DSB replied on 29/07/2021 20:33

Posted on 29/07/2021 17:09 by DEBSC

For the last month I have been on a diet, so no wine bought. Just got the credit card bill, flipping heck our Tesco bill has reduced! Now thinking about all the 1bs/pounds.

Posted on 29/07/2021 20:33

Well done DEBSC.. 👍👍


Cartledge replied on 03/08/2021 20:23

Posted on 06/07/2017 11:58 by Boff

Not much much of a response may be everyone is teetotal?

If you are interested in wine I would suggest joining the 

The Wine Society

Yes it costs money to join, but you can leave your membership in your will

The choice of wines is huge from about £5 upwards

A bit older than the caravanclub. 

Above all I have the quality of their customer service simply outstanding.  3 examples

1.  I cocked up my credit card number, wine delivered got an email asking if I minded when I had a moment giving them a payment. 

2 Delivery driver, they have their own was concerned that a case he had delivered was correctly packed, he insisted I opened it to check. He was right all the bottles were upside down

3.  Had a bad bottle rang up to complain, not a problem they have a no quibble guarantee, but checked my history and saw that I had ordered an identical bottle did I want that replaced foc as well?  Not really, We had just drunk the first one and it was fine. 

Lots of organisations could learn from and aspire to their level of customer service. 

Posted on 03/08/2021 20:23

Sorry to take so long to react, only just seen this.

Yes, excellent range and quality from the Wine Society. Been a member for 40 years. 

Very reliable, great list, great customer service.

No minimum annual purchase, no fees (except buying your initial share in the cooperative).

Great quality, great customer service and, of course, great wine.

Peter Cartledge. 98*2*. 



LeicesterFox replied on 03/08/2021 21:20

Posted on 03/08/2021 21:20

I buy my wine from an organisation called Pieroth - their Parliament of Owls and Chevalier de Bayard are superb. No agressive marketing. Slightly more expensive than Aldi etc but, in my humble opinion, the wine is far superior

Wherenext replied on 17/04/2022 18:18

Posted on 17/04/2022 18:18

We don't often drink White wine but just sitting here with a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc after having a Turkey Roast dinner for Easter Sunday. Forgotten how nice this wine was, especially as we bought it with soon to expire vouchers from Tesco.

I like a Muscadet sur Lie when in France and a Tokay Pinot Gris when up in Alsace area but will mostly stick to Red. 

This though is a lovely treat, one we must repeat soon.

brue replied on 17/04/2022 21:24

Posted on 17/04/2022 21:24

I like a Sauvignon WN but today we enjoyed a rose from Portugal. Sitting outside in the garden with our lunch, it was a Nico de Pegoes, nice and light. smile

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