Caravan to the rescue!

Wolfie1 replied on 28/03/2021 22:19

Posted on 28/03/2021 22:19

So last week my best mate popped past my house and when looking in the kitchen door he noticed a wet patch on my kitchen roof (he is a self employed joiner and builder), so he came in to inspect the damage and decided he needed to have a look in the bathroom upstairs to trace the leak, he found some loose tiles in the shower so he temporarily fixed it then popped round today to do the proper fix. Anyway we couldnt use the shower today as it would have been wet in there, so we thought what a perfect opportunity to try out the shower in our new to us caravan, really pleased with the caravan shower, plenty of room, nice and warm and actually enough hot water to have a shower result, although what an amount of water is needed!

This was the first time we have used it since winterising it and i did have a panic moment thinking the pump had packed in as it was taking an age to start working but after a big water explosion out of the tap that was it all working properly, phew

Bakers2 replied on 29/03/2021 09:04

Posted on 29/03/2021 09:04

Good to know the caravan shower works well. Had you used it before? Might take a lot of water but at least it means you can be self contained and we are lucky enough to have access to fresh clean water. I always think our hobby  makes us appreciate how lucky we are to have unlimited fresh clean water at the turn of a tap in our houses. Just a short walk, generally no carrying, to get it when away.

I hope the house shower leak is cured.

Wherenext replied on 29/03/2021 20:24

Posted on 29/03/2021 20:24

You might get more chances when sites open up fully if the shower blocks remain closed until mid May plus it opens up a few thousand other camping opportunities such as CLs etc. where showers can range from non existent to fully fledged wet rooms and everything in between so having to use your own recently may be the best thing you've done.