How's your footy team doing?

papgeno replied on 14/12/2016 11:00

Posted on 14/12/2016 11:00

I'm starting this thread again because it seems to have been a casualty of the change over to the new site. The Terriers scecured another away win last night at Burton. Two wins in a row now after a barren spell. It'll all go pear shaped on Friday when we go to Norwich because the game is to be televised , we haven't won on the telly for ages.

papgeno replied on 08/01/2017 10:50

Posted on 08/01/2017 10:50

The Terriers win a match by more than one goal for the first time this season. The magic of the FA Cup🙂

papgeno replied on 14/01/2017 18:40

Posted on 14/01/2017 18:40

Hi Steve, we have fallen behind you now after your win against Derby. We were never going to come away from Hillsborough with anything so an 8 game undefeated run comes to an end. We'll see what happens when your lot visit the John Smiths in a couple of weeks time. It should be a belter. Onwards and upwards.

ABM replied on 15/01/2017 14:47

Posted on 15/01/2017 14:47

Ah  Well,  another  Different  Manager,  altho'  from  within  the  Club.

Same  result  tho'  --  one  up  then  beaten  by  10  men   frown

Mwaaaah  cry

papgeno replied on 15/01/2017 18:01

Posted on 15/01/2017 18:01

Hi Steve I'll go for that although with our teams the other way round. BTW I notice that Chris Woods is on fire at the moment. He always seems to score against us for whichever team he plays.😨

ABM replied on 17/01/2017 22:02

Posted on 17/01/2017 22:02

  Keep  clear  of  Lincoln  tonight  folks,  the  place  will  be  jumping !!

Poor  Old  Ipswich

papgeno replied on 18/01/2017 09:38

Posted on 17/01/2017 22:02 by ABM

  Keep  clear  of  Lincoln  tonight  folks,  the  place  will  be  jumping !!

Poor  Old  Ipswich

Posted on 18/01/2017 09:38

I hope they are poor, we play them on Saturday . I fear they might want to bounce back or they'll come and park the bus.