Coast to Coast Walk

Davethevanman replied on 29/05/2019 17:37

Posted on 29/05/2019 17:37

We have been caravanners for many years and tend to use CLs and CSs as we are in both Clubs. Whilst away in the van we always go on various circular walks but we have now this somewhat crazy idea about walking the Coast to Coast from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay utilising the caravan as a base and using public transport and our car to get to and from starts and finishes. We appreciate this won't be easy and especially so in the Lake District. We just wondered if anyone out there had ever attempted the same and if so would very much appreciate any ideas regarding sites and or itineraries 

Oneputt replied on 29/05/2019 20:11

Posted on 29/05/2019 20:11

We did the Southdowns Way some years ago and use B&Bs .  Now I see a lot of the B&Bs provide a pick up and drop service.

We also did the Ridgeway using the caravan although it did become a bit cumbersome.  We used all sorts of public transport including a rather large expensive taxi.

We have talked about doing more LDPs but I will insist on taking 2 cars to make the transport options easier.  

Good luck with your walk

Tirril replied on 30/05/2019 22:09

Posted on 30/05/2019 22:09

I did the walk as a back packer and living in the Lakes I feel it will be almost impossible to make it back to your caravan using public transport for many of the sections. The local Stagecoach bus operator run  services on most of the main roads between towns and there are some smaller companies such as Mountain Goat and Fell Runner offering limited routes. However much of the C to C involves traversing along different tracks to reach villages/valleys etc for which there is no connected bus service. For example Ennerdale to Grasmere. In practice I think you would need either to have a driver or halve each days walk and return to the caravan. The walk is almost 200 miles and most people take 12 days so returning to the car adds significantly to time and distance. Wainwright, the author of the walk did however say that walkers are free to vary the route so you could make some alterations to help with transport plans but perhaps risk missing some of the best bits. There are a number of CLs you could use. One option you might consider is to place the caravan at a central hub and then use Hostels etc for a couple of nights before returning to the caravan and relocating it.

As Onepuyt suggests the easiest option would be to have two cars and keep placing one at the end of each days finish.

cyberyacht replied on 01/06/2019 17:57

Posted on 01/06/2019 17:57

The couple on the next pitch are doing a similar thing, cycling around Lake Konstanz. Impressive, given that he is disabled and has a wheelchair bike gizmo. Relocate every few days and cover a bit more of the shoreline.