Wet, windy and very cold Wales!

Merve replied on 08/06/2019 11:22

Posted on 08/06/2019 11:22

Anyone on the west coast of Wales? If so you’ll be having the same weather as us. Storm Miguel is upon us! 24 hrs solid rain and now wind but what is so surprising is just how cold it is. However, our bird feeder which I make sure is well stocked has given us a fabulous show- it’s better than any television! Young families of blue tits, chaffinch and lesser spotted woodpeckers arriving to feed- just sensational! All the other varieties of birds making it a real bun fight! You just wonder- driving rain, wind and cold but they carry on just the same - and they give such joy.

Bakers2 replied on 08/06/2019 16:07

Posted on 08/06/2019 16:07

Good to read that despite the weather you are being entertained. Like any parent the need to care, feed and provide for your family is overwhelming. So whatever the species the weather can't overrule important tasks 😉.

Pretty breezy here in Essex with beefy showers today had plenty of rain, for us 😉 over the last couple of days. Garden was grateful for the rain but that and the wind are ruining blooms 😢

takethedogalong replied on 08/06/2019 22:42

Posted on 08/06/2019 22:42

We are on Welsh Coast Merve, down over Estuary from Barmouth, here for another week. It was so cold yesterday I lit stove in cottage. I had forgotten just how much it rains in Wales, but yesterday was torrential. Better today though, hopefully nice tomorrow. Then no doubt back to rain, and more rain etc..... 

scoutman replied on 09/06/2019 11:16

Posted on 09/06/2019 11:16

Contrary to popular belief, Wales is no wetter than parts of Cornwall, Lancashire, Lake district (clue in the name) and western Scotland. Try staying to the East of the mountains, you may be surprised how much better the weather is. By the way, those of you in the arid lands in S.E England and East Anglia are in for a good soaking this week. Welcome to our world.

takethedogalong replied on 09/06/2019 18:00

Posted on 09/06/2019 18:00

Our part of Yorkshire is usually very dry. We expect it to rain at some point in Wales, although I suspect last year was superb. Had a glorious day today, but back to the wet tomorrow 😁

Mitsi Fendt replied on 09/06/2019 18:06

Posted on 09/06/2019 18:06

We were in the New Forest last week and had a really good soaking on Friday 7/06 and through the night into Saturday. Stayed on a Camping in the Forest site. If you like close to nature Quite a bit of wildlife wondering around the site and very peaceful.