What have you seen

Oneputt replied on 13/12/2016 07:48

Posted on 13/12/2016 07:48

I can't see the original sticky so will start a new thread.  Saw nearly 30,000 knot on Breydon Water yesterday.  Great weekend at Minsmere, Otter, Kingfishers, Bitterns, lots of Marsh Harriers

Oneputt replied on 20/12/2016 22:48

Posted on 20/12/2016 22:48

Micky when I first viewed your picture it was the right way up i.e. portrait but now seems to be landscape.

Just on the edge of our village there were 3000 pink footed geese and about a dozen white fronted geese

Rocky 2 buckets replied on 21/12/2016 08:35

Posted on 21/12/2016 08:35

Tonight is the longest night after this the days get longer & the nights shorter. Good times for the wildlife for the futuresmile

Winter Solstice.

Bluemalaga replied on 21/12/2016 17:59

Posted on 21/12/2016 14:22 by Oneputt

Micky, Your picture is right way up on my I Pad

Posted on 21/12/2016 17:59


The pic is correct on my i-pad but landscape on my macbook.

Love the Kingfisher BTW. How about some pics from your last trip to Minsmeere? I have to convince the wife that a trip over your way early spring is essential.

nelliethehooker replied on 21/12/2016 21:15

Posted on 21/12/2016 21:15

Sat watching the birds on the feeder and fat ball this afternoon....Blue, Coal, & Great Tits and a pair of Nutchatches, when up flew a Jackdaw who perched on a branch just above the fat ball. It then proceeded to pull up the string holding the bag with the ball in it and then held it in his claws againt the branch, bringing the bag within reach, while he pecked at the food. What a clever bird!! I wonder how often he/she'd tried that trick before getting it right.

Bluemalaga replied on 25/12/2016 18:13

Posted on 25/12/2016 18:13

This is a true sighting.

Earlier today as we approached a motorway roundabout, There was Santa thumbing a lift south for the summer with black sack and all.

Obviously work done for another year, Migration takes all forms eh?

Everyone was tooting and waving. I might even have stopped if we were going the same way, but as I was clearly on the naughty list this year, perhaps not.

No Reindeer though.

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