Best reads - Club Together Book Club?

Rowena replied on 03/01/2014 12:47

Posted on 03/01/2014 12:47

I'm just about coming to the end of Deborah Moggach’s book, Heartbreak Hotel. I found it a very enjoyable read and very amusing. But what should I read next? Any recommendations? 

I also wondered if anyone would be interested in a Club Together book club? According to a member survey earlier last year, reading is the most recurring leisure activity whilst caravanning. I know I’m a book worm and I’m sure there’s a few of us out there who enjoy a good read. Anyone interested or any suggestions? 

Wherenext replied on 06/05/2017 13:29

Posted on 06/05/2017 13:29

Happy Bunny. Managed to find a new Montalbano story by Camilleri, A Voice in the Night. Plus a new Adamsberg by Fred Vargas, A Climate of Fear. Two of my favourite crime writers.

N1805 replied on 08/05/2017 09:02

Posted on 08/05/2017 09:02

Picked up 2 books in library by Noah Boyd simply because of this on the front cover ‘Move over Jack Reacher, here comes the Bricklayer’ -  James Patterson.  Main character is an ex FBI agent working for the FBI when persuaded to do so but on his own terms.  Titles – The Bricklayer & Last Chance to Die.  I find the style of writing easy to read & The Bricklayer so far is for me a good read.

IanH replied on 09/05/2017 21:04

Posted on 09/05/2017 21:04

Just read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S Thompson.

Very strange.

Wherenext replied on 16/05/2017 16:49

Posted on 16/05/2017 16:49

Picked up one of Ian Mortimer's "Time Travellers guide..." books today from the library. 

Find them an interesting read as I like History. Have to wait until I finish a couple of others though.

Camilleri's Montalbano one was OK, not as good as some of his others.

IanH replied on 16/05/2017 19:27

Posted on 16/05/2017 19:27

Recently started "The Snowden Files - The Inside Story about the Most Wanted Man" about Edward Snowden......good so far.

moulesy replied on 21/05/2017 21:46

Posted on 21/05/2017 21:46

I don't usually do science fiction. But I've just finished "Good morning, midnight" by Lily Brookes-Dalton which I picked up at random from the library before coming away.

It's set some time in the future and alternates between a lone astronomer whose chosen to remain on his own in an Arctic observation station and a spacecraft returning from Jupiter which has lost all contact with earth.

Great story telling and use of language and with a stunning ending which I'd defy anyone to guess.

A great read if you're lookingvfor something different! smile

Goldie146 replied on 24/05/2017 12:03

Posted on 24/05/2017 12:03

I bought a new book to take away with us last Saturday - "Magpie Murders" by Anthony Horowitz and really enjoyed it (reading it straight through in two sittings). It's a typical 1950's village detective story nestled inside a modern day mystery. 

Not too heavy, but the sort of book you want to get to the end to find out the answers, but also don't want to finish.

P.S. When I say "bought a book" - I downloaded to my Kindle.

N1805 replied on 26/05/2017 20:48

Posted on 26/05/2017 20:48

Just finished Another One Goes Tonight written by Peter Lovesey.  A good detective story based around Bath.  I shall probably try & pick up others in the Peter Diamond series as this kept me guessing for most of the book but have 2 David Baldacci’s waiting for me just now.

moulesy replied on 09/07/2017 10:44

Posted on 09/07/2017 10:44

For anyone who's a fan of Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks books and may have missed some, or anyone wanting to get into the series, Kindle has most of the at 98p available today! smile