Is the site fixed now?

EasyT replied on 18/06/2020 10:37

Posted on 18/06/2020 10:37

I usually have my page open at latest posts. I don't find the discussion page view very useful. Today is the first time that I have been able to access through latest posts. Hopefully back to a New normal.

EmilysDad replied on 18/06/2020 10:54

Posted on 18/06/2020 10:54

I've had two server errors already this morning when trying to open the 'discussions' page ...... so I'd say not!

SteveL replied on 18/06/2020 11:06

Posted on 18/06/2020 11:06

It has been fairly normal for me today. That's the old normal, not the new normal of last week.😉

However, I think Justin said there was still a bit more to do and it would be down for maintenance at 10 pm today. 

cyberyacht replied on 24/06/2020 06:52

Posted on 24/06/2020 06:52

Harryb wrote: "Is it safe to come back it now. Is it fixed"

In the words of the Health Secretary 'that's a very good question'

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