Jacking points on a Coachman twin axle caravan

Briang replied on 04/05/2021 14:43

Posted on 04/05/2021 14:43


I have just bought a 2021 Coachman Laser 675 and have had twin auto motor movers fitted. To get these fitted the jacking points had to be removed along with the spare wheel carrier. How do I  jack up the caravan to fit the rear Alco lock. Anyone know how. Any help would be appreciated 

Thanks in advance.


davetommo replied on 04/05/2021 21:46

Posted on 04/05/2021 21:38 by JVB66

You got it, not the chassis on any other poiintwink

Posted on 04/05/2021 21:46

I know as i do it all the time at home to get the Alko wheel lock on

richardandros replied on 05/05/2021 05:58

Posted on 05/05/2021 05:58

I don't know what happened to the post I put on here, yesterday.  It seems to have disappeared!  I have been using L 'n L on a TA van for the last six years or so and wouldn't have been without it.  In my opinion / experience, it's the only safe way to facilitate the fitting of twin Alko locks - especially on soft ground where I wouldn't want to be risking jacks of any sort.

I don't understand the fear of them puncturing.  On grass, it's never going to be a problem and on hard standings, I always used a length of industrial rubber matting to protect the air bag.  Plus - providing you make sure that the transfer valve is closed once the bags are inflated - even in the unlikely event of one bag getting a puncture, the other one's going to stay inflated, therefore supporting the van.

As for expense - less than the cost of staying on a CL for two weeks and as said above, a miniscule amount compared to the cost of the van.

I've had to move to the E&P hydraulic levelling system because of mobility problems which is the ultimate solution, but obviously, there's no point in suggesting that!

davetommo replied on 05/05/2021 21:34

Posted on 04/05/2021 21:53 by JVB66

I think the Op was looking at doing it on sites ,good luck with thatsurprised

Posted on 05/05/2021 21:34

As I only have a single axle van it is a piece of cake using the lock on a site, because having all that room on a pitch you can get the lock and receiver lined up without using a jack.