mickysf replied on 16/07/2019 06:37

Posted on 16/07/2019 06:37

Is the old habit of that traditional morning read all but dead? Has the next day's fish and chip wrapping now finally been confined to the bin? (I think H&S killed that off really)

However according to an article I was reading less and less papers are being sold these days with many of us getting our papers electronically. Also, the age group who like that hard copy paper versions are now significantly reducing in number. According to the article for many shops the humble newspaper has now become pretty much a loss leader.

Is this why It seems that less and less sites are now 'doing' papers?  I was told by one site owner that this was due to reduced orders and that the local newsagents, who were also experiencing much reduced footfall through their doors had decided not to deliver them to sites, as this had reduced their opportunity for the 'upselling' of  Worthers Originals, Polos and Extra Strong Mints. Afterall, you can't get them electronically can you!

SteveL replied on 16/07/2019 07:22

Posted on 16/07/2019 07:22

I have been getting an electronic one for years. In the early days, when away, there were often problems downloading due to internet speeds. However, with the advent of widespread 4G and fibre to the cabinet broadband, there is rarely a problem. Even the CC WiFi is normally capable first thing in the morning. Even when sites did papers, I rarely bothered, as in most cases you had to wait until 9:00 and I like to read it over breakfast. 

I find the digital version much more versatile than the paper version, and depending on the text size I select, I can read it with or without specs. It's not so good at putting down under where your painting though.😂 Although we get the odd complimentary one from Waitrose which gradually build up.😀

JollyKernow replied on 16/07/2019 08:24

Posted on 16/07/2019 08:24


I reckon this will be the last year of morning papers on this site. The orders go down year on year and with the high delivery charge from the newsagent ever climbing it just won't be worth it. 


Dorset Diver replied on 16/07/2019 08:35

Posted on 16/07/2019 08:35

We have an account and the paper is automatically downloaded more or less wherever we are at home or abroad.  Nice and easy, less expensive, and cover multiple devices.  We do however like the print version on Saturdays for the tele times.  

allanandjean replied on 16/07/2019 08:47

Posted on 16/07/2019 08:47

I am indifferent to the availability of the daily paper however my wife is not and only last week when someone mentioned they had recently been to Marseille my first thought was of searching the town for a Daily Mail for my wife!

I have been using the Mail Plus for a couple of years and I like the fact that I am looking at the news for that day and not a day behind as most papers are when abroad.but for my wife it has to be the hard copy wherever possible.

If I could get them to drop the crossword though that would solve it as that's her main reason for getting the paper.

Oneputt replied on 16/07/2019 09:05

Posted on 16/07/2019 09:05

If on site in the UK and they do a newspaper delivery then I always try to get a local paper.  No interest in the news at large as my electronic devices keep me updated.

brue replied on 16/07/2019 09:54

Posted on 16/07/2019 09:54

I tend to buy a paper on a daily basis only if on holiday so I'm not helping the industry much. I prefer paper print to screen reading. My one regular paper purchase at present is the Saturday i. I know the industry as a whole has moved on line and papers can take up quite a bit of retail space etc. I believe it's a generational thing and I'm not sure whether certain age groups read any type of newspaper at all? Getting their "news" via social media sites etc.

As for sites which have newspapers, I'm always glad if they do and don't mind paying the extra delivery fee. smile

DavidKlyne replied on 16/07/2019 10:13

Posted on 16/07/2019 10:13

It seems with many sites it is the reliability of the deliveries that eventually stop sites offering the service. Was talking to a warden about it the other day and they said that the people making the deliveries to the site would often not bother if the number ordered didn't meet what they considered a reasonable number. In such circumstances it becomes almost impossible to offer the service. If I am going to read a newspaper I prefer to have it in my hand in paper form rather than online. I find trying to concentrate on close text on a small screen very tiring to my eyes. Years ago we used to buy a paper every day but since the advent of rolling 24 hour news the number of newspapers we actually buy has tumbled. It's usually a weekend treat or when I get a free Guardian in Waitrose once a week.



Bakers2 replied on 16/07/2019 10:26

Posted on 16/07/2019 10:26

My mum loves her daily paper but living in the country, not the sticks! Main road through the village which carries the Stansted express buses, so not off the beaten track! Village shop disappeared years ago, although they never did papers but there was a daily delivery from someone in the village who collected the papers and delivered. She used to get them delivered from the next village, that stopped, so the small town 5 miles away delivered. That ceased, I presume cos they couldn't get driver?? For a few years they were delivered from Sudbury in Suffolk but the guy who delivered them got ill.  Was a while without but now has delivery well before 6am and pays to somewhere in Herefordshire or Hertfordshire,  can't remember now but think it the former 😲. The nearby village of Pleshey has a delivery and advertises in their parish magazine but don't cover mum's village 2 miles away. Pleshey is her home village and where she goes to church and dad's buried. I expect finding delivery folks is hard, we have lads/lasses on bikes delivering but I have no idea how old they need to be these days.  Is it still 14? I know lots won't employ them for other jobs until after they've done their GCSE'S. 

Funny old set up, but at least she gets a paper. Does  the Crossword and sudko daily reckons it keeps the grey cells ticking over.  At almost 89 I think she has a point!

We don't have paper these days, miss the Crossword but can live without it. A local paper when away is a great idea, we don't do it regularly though.

Bakers2 replied on 16/07/2019 10:29

Posted on 16/07/2019 10:29

I find the digital version much more versatile than the paper version, and depending on the text size I select, I can read it with or without specs. It's not so good at putting down under where your painting though.😂 Although we get the odd complimentary one from Waitrose which gradually build up.😀


brue replied on 16/07/2019 10:52

Posted on 16/07/2019 10:52


Our village shop doesn't stock papers because no-one wants to get up early enough to see them in and sort them. If we get someone new to the village who rises at dawn even through the ice and cold of winter we might get lucky! I can't persuade OH to do it even though he says he never sleeps...wink

I don't know of many other small general shops that don't stock papers, but ours is one of them and as it's now run by volunteers we're just lucky to have a shop at all.

Never had a complimentary one from W as I'm not a card carrying member and it's too far to go to get one! Our paper recycling goes out every week so if I forget to keep back the Saturday paper that's it, nothing left lying around to wrap anything in.  

However, as a run off, this could be a great help to all potential paper hoarders I believe, who used to stockpile everything, just in case. Bring on the "shed" recycling boxes...laughing