Why do you love caravanning/motorhoming

Rowena replied on 21/05/2019 16:56

Posted on 21/05/2019 16:56

What is it that you absolutely love about your hobby? Is it the freedom to explore, the opportunity to relax in new places, the call of the open road, or something else entirely? 

I love the opportunity to discover new places and spend time together as a family away from distractions. What is it that you love? 

KjellNN replied on 21/05/2019 17:05

Posted on 21/05/2019 17:05

In the van......always having our own bed to sleep in, and our own pillows......great shower so we do not need to worry about the  facilities.

Otherwise.....freedom to go at our own pace, follow the good weather, cook and eat what we like when we like, change our minds about where we go......happens frequently on long trips!

mickysf replied on 21/05/2019 17:27

Posted on 21/05/2019 17:27

The opportunity to move our 'home' around to visit new places and old haunts. That ability to book just that one night on a club site or several nights is a real bonus for us touring folk.

Cornersteady replied on 21/05/2019 18:00

Posted on 21/05/2019 18:00

I have always liked staying in country locations away from things and of course camping, starting with putting a blanket over two chairs at home, and staying on sites in a caravan somehow brings back that fun? 

There is, to me anyway, a certain special fun and excitement being on site and in your caravan? Knowing that the great outdoors is just outside? And of course with every trip more happy and precious memories are made which reinforces the next trip away. Every trip is still as special as the first one and I still look forward to each one with the same enthusiasm as the first. I do think there is nothing like waking up in a caravan! 

Yes I also like having my own room and laid out how I like it, not some impersonal hotel. As said you can explore new places or revisit old ones, the choice is fantastic

BoleroBoy replied on 21/05/2019 18:14

Posted on 21/05/2019 18:14

simple, the ability to 'live' wherever we choose and be totally self contained.

the freedom to to stay put or to move on, not to be tied to a schedule, to call in somewhere if we spot something interesting...

but OTOH, the freedom to linger if we find the 'right place' and to really chill out for a while....even for weeks.

the freedom to be in a field away from it all or on a top class site with all the trimmings....

the freedom to be in the most rural area or the busiest city...

the freedom to go or stay or to turn right or left

so, freedom must be the key word for us.....

JVB66 replied on 21/05/2019 18:36

Posted on 21/05/2019 18:36

To be able to go  and stay at many places in the UK and not having to have to stick to a timetable and go out (or not) and return to our accomadation and move on if needed ,without a lot of the time, to book months in advancecool


EasyT replied on 21/05/2019 18:54

Posted on 21/05/2019 18:54

The original appeal was to take my family away regularly and to be able to do so with a second hand five berth and a three year old tow car. I have always been the main cook in my household both with my wife and my present partner. It did not take a lot of planning 38 years ago to decide on a thursday to go away for a weekend or 10 days or whatever. A map and a few phone calls. 

 My present partner and I became an item 20 years ago a few years after my wife's death. We used my caravan a fair bit as well as taking holidays abroad without. Then she got a job after being unemployed for a while and ill health retirement. Bummer. She could no longer match my 12 weeks leave a year taken when I wanted. So we were 3 years without a caravan and mainly holidayed abroad with some breaks in yorkshire, south wales, scotland and lakes we also had two gardens and homes to maintain. We usually had three trips abroad in this period and always chose self catering because I like my own facilities. When abroad we ate out most evenings but it was nice to be able to do toast and eggs for brekkie or bacon and tomato and also when we had had a hot and tiring day seeing the sites to decide to settle for some ham, cheese, apple slices etc with some crusty bread sat on the patio or balcony. 

For me my/our own space and facilities were important. In late 2004 Fliss moved in with me and after 6 months of commuting the half hour drive to and from work (45 minutes on a summer evening at weekend) I convinced her to retire again at age 56 and suggested getting another caravan. That is 14 years ago and we love having our own space for holidays. I reduced my working week to spend more time with Fliss for a few years and retired 11 years ago at 55. 

We could afford hotels for our 4/5/6/7 week tours but prefer to have our own space.

Even Better replied on 21/05/2019 19:24

Posted on 21/05/2019 19:24

We simply love the freedom to go where we want and be able to do things at our own pace when we want to, i.e. not regimented to a hotel timetable.  The only downside is that at the moment the OH only gets 4 weeks holiday a year so we plan breaks carefully.