Club Together and Website Outage - 23rd April

Rowena replied on 21/04/2020 15:20

Posted on 21/04/2020 15:20

Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to let you know that Club Together will be down for a few hours on Thursday 23rd April. The estimated downtime on Club Together will be from 04.45am to 9.30am with the Club website being down from 8am to 9.30am.  

This is so we can improve our search functionality and future proof the forum, as well as laying the required foundations for user experience improvements on the Club website in the near future.  As a result you should see the search function working faster and more efficiently on the Club website including the Club Together forums and it will also pave the way for some further improvements to the Club website in the coming months. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

harryb replied on 21/04/2020 22:09

Posted on 21/04/2020 22:09

Many times we have logged in to see the site down and the heading "Essential Maintenance". There has never been any warning. Once back to normal we have never seen any improvement just the same old problems. So what are we to expect from the this BIG announcement and what does "future proof the forum" mean.

It's exciting.

Metheven replied on 22/04/2020 09:11

Posted on 22/04/2020 09:11

It's speed has been quite acceptable of late, probably because of the servers lack of use elsewhere so if this can be maintained then alls' good 👍🏻

brue replied on 22/04/2020 17:39

Posted on 21/04/2020 22:18 by huskydog

Does that mean the Lego men will be furloughed? 

Posted on 22/04/2020 17:39

No, but they'll have to be shown working at a safe distance...wink

ABM replied on 22/04/2020 22:29

Posted on 22/04/2020 22:29

?? undecided  How long is a furloughed Legoman's  furlong ??

Answers on an unstamped post card please to No 11 .. .. ..