Content deleted (or is it?)

Wherenext replied on 25/08/2019 13:11

Posted on 25/08/2019 13:11

Not one of life's more pressing issues but I noticed an anomaly the other day when reading through a thread. 

It was one where Tinwheeler either deleted the content himself or had it deleted. I can't believe it was the latter as it then reappeared in a quote used by another member and it didn't appear to contravene any guidelines or be offensive. Probably just TW having second thoughts but his decision to have his comment erased was overridden by the text being requoted.

This seems strange and obviously goes against TW's decision so why isn't a "Content Deleted" followed through. I do often see replies to such an action but this is usually because a Moderator has deleted the quote but after several members have seen it and replied to it but not by using the Quote button.

Very strange if you have second thoughts, perhaps because you felt the post may cause some unintended offense.

brue replied on 25/08/2019 13:29

Posted on 25/08/2019 13:29

You have to be so quick on here sometimes, hardly get the words out and someone is quoting them back at you! I like a bit of time to check and edit so my posts often get altered anyway. It is a bit annoying but not life threatening...wink 

Now tempted to delete, but I won't...laughing

Tinwheeler replied on 25/08/2019 13:42

Posted on 25/08/2019 13:42

WN, there was an instance the other day where I wrote "content deleted" and a few other words in a post. I can’t recall the exact circumstances now but it was something a bit light hearted. 

If I had deleted the post in the usual manner, I believe that would have removed all my words from that post and any quote in another post.

Usually, if I have a change of heart, I edit the post rather than delete so it reads something like "Post deleted by TW. Second thoughts" so there can be no misunderstanding as to who deleted it and why.

I don’t think there is a problem or anomaly in CT on this occasion (unusual, I know) but you probably stumbled across the post I referred to in my first paragraph, or an edit I made a bit too slowly as described in the third. Sorry if it caused confusion.

Wherenext replied on 25/08/2019 15:55

Posted on 25/08/2019 15:55

No confusion TW. Well, no more than usual.

Just didn't want a member to be have a post quoted when they had obviously taken the trouble to quickly delete it.

I have a bit too much time on my hands at the

Rufs replied on 26/08/2019 10:25

Posted on 26/08/2019 10:25

If I had deleted the post in the usual manner, I believe that would have removed all my words from that post and any quote in another post.

careful what you believe, i believe that if somebody jumps in quick, does a copy then a paste then you cannot stop this ???

Tinwheeler replied on 26/08/2019 10:50

Posted on 26/08/2019 10:50

Once a post is deleted in the proper manner, Rufs, I think it goes from everywhere. Just look at something a mod deletes and you’ll see the quotes vanish as well. I’ve explained that my ‘deletions’ are really edits rather than deletions. 

C&P is another matter altogether. 

DavidKlyne replied on 18/09/2019 17:24

Posted on 18/09/2019 17:24

If a mod deletes and original post which has already be quoted those quotes will also disappear. If someone edits their own post which has already been quoted I think you will find the quote remains as pre edit.