jlseagull replied on 15/05/2019 10:27

Posted on 15/05/2019 10:27

Just in case my username may have created the wrong impression.  I am a retired commercial pilot and flying instructor.   I still have flights of fancy hence the username - JLS the book written by Richard Bach is my bible and well worth a read by those of like mind.  Happy caravanning, motorhoming, whatever takes your flights of fancy.




Goldie146 replied on 15/05/2019 16:38

Posted on 15/05/2019 16:38

Once a thread has lost sight of the original subject, and the posts are neither interesting nor informative (to me - others may disagree) - I just ignore it. Like giving up on a book or film if I don't really care about it.

Life's too short. Move on.