How to find discussions about a particular topic

ceeandcee replied on 27/03/2021 19:45

Posted on 27/03/2021 19:45

Hi everyone. I’ve asked this question before but please can anyone tell me how to pick up on a particular discussion. I go to UK CL sites, put CL recommendations in Cornwall and get a few thousand things to look at none relating to the topic. Am I missing something here? Thanks, Clive

eurortraveller replied on 27/03/2021 20:21

Posted on 27/03/2021 20:21

Clive, searches on this website are notoriously frustrating - try using PitchUp, SearchforSites, UKCampsites, or plain old Google - all of them will pinpoint sites in a specific area and will give you ratings, reviews and recommendations.

DavidKlyne replied on 27/03/2021 20:56

Posted on 27/03/2021 20:56


The search system seems to be lacking when it comes to pinpointing the "right phrase". I have to say its a problem common with lots of websites! I tend to use Google but even then you have to be fairly specific. If you are searching for CL's I would tend to follow this link from which you can then narrow down your search by town or county, also by facility.


ABM replied on 29/03/2021 22:16

Posted on 29/03/2021 22:16

At the risk of being " Removed " CeeandCee  I'd just post your query etc in a very obviously wrong thread  --  I reckon somebod will pop up and tell you where you should have posted in double quick time winkinnocent

ABM replied on 02/04/2021 21:39

Posted on 02/04/2021 21:39

Oh, so very sorry to cause you such confusion C & C -- I really did not intend that, Honest embarassed,  it's just an old un's sense of humour  cry.

Normally when I post poor information or in the wrong place within a few minutes there will be several posters correcting both my comments AND my { Lacking } sense of humour.