Impossible to read posts

Gwte replied on 12/06/2020 20:45

Posted on 12/06/2020 20:45

Have been trying to read posts for the last 5 evenings and am finding that I am unable to read the vast majority of them. 

The site has been slow previously but never this bad.

Using Safari on a MacBook Pro if that's any help.

obbernockle replied on 15/06/2020 21:38

Posted on 15/06/2020 21:38

This thread is very similar to another on this forum about a month back.

The issue is a long standing one and the club is becoming a laughing stock.

I dont think its an IT issue all, but a management issue. Its time the club got a grip of it.

Tinwheeler replied on 15/06/2020 21:40

Posted on 15/06/2020 21:40

Ah, but see the extract of the Articles of Association copied earlier. One of the objects of the club is to encourage social interaction. What you suggest would fly in the face of that and a cleverer person than I might decide such an event could be actionable. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Justin Bricknell replied on 16/06/2020 20:12

Posted on 16/06/2020 20:12

Hi all 

Apologies for the lack of updates on my part since Thursday/Friday of last week. It's been an incredibly busy few days for me and my team. 

The technical teams involved in dealing with the website issues with our various 3rd party support partners have continued to try numerous config, code and infrastructure changes over the past few days; each small change has had varying degrees of success. 

As I'm sure you can imagine, while the Club are preparing to re-open the UK Sites Network, the primary foces has been on making sure the UK sites booking journey is stable. As you may have seen if you've been trying to book a UK Club site, we have reduced the threshold for our queueing software, and you may be placed in a booking queue to manage the load on the bookings page. This has been successful. 

We are aware that there are still issues with various parts of the site; most notably Club Together, Your Stories and a few of the search pages (eg for Certificated Locations). The techncal teams troubleshooting these issues will be implementing another change this evening to try and rectify these issues. Even with internal testing in the early hours of Wednesday morning, we won't really be able to gauge how successful this change has been until it is fully load tested in the live environment when members start using the site tomorrow. 

I'll check back on this thread tomorrow and hopefully provide a further update then. 

Kind regards


*Please check the Recent Maintenance on Website thread for further updates*


Wherenext replied on 16/06/2020 20:49

Posted on 16/06/2020 20:49

Brilliant. Taken me until the 5th.occasion that I have tried to get onto this thread today and what happens? The first time I do I can't complain because Justin has stolen my 

Oh well, let's hope I won't have anything to complain about tomorrow.

mbee1 replied on 17/06/2020 19:33

Posted on 17/06/2020 19:33

I often sit of an evening and browse the club discussion site.  Frankly, I just can't be bothered.  Taken me ages to get to this point.  I gave up yesterday as I kept getting "an internal server error". To say the world is moving digitally is a misnomer as far as the club is concerned.  Come on CAMC - get the website sorted.