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nelliethehooker replied on 16/10/2019 20:37

Posted on 16/10/2019 20:37

For some non-obvious reason another post has been closed again today, as it did not apparently breach any of the T&Cs. Even if posts are locked it would be a good if the person responsible could at the very least give some indication as why a specific post is locked. Or is just that they've got out of bed on the wrong side that day!


AnotherDavid replied on 16/10/2019 20:45

Posted on 16/10/2019 20:45

I think you could work out the sub text that got that one closed although it was a pity really as I was about to respond to your question to the OP now I never will.undecided

EasyT replied on 16/10/2019 20:46

Posted on 16/10/2019 20:46

I think it was due to the fact that the original topic had been 'answered'/discussed and that the topic had shifted. I personally do consider it necessary to close such a topic purely because the focus of interest has shifted. If it is the one that I am aware of the shifted topic focus was still very much of interest to many .... including myself.

Oneputt replied on 16/10/2019 20:46

Posted on 16/10/2019 20:46

Not meant to question Mods decisions Nell, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of Jill wrote the following 

As this thread appears to have gone off topic and is now discussion prices rather than ways of eliminating wastage, I'm locking it and asking Rowena to review it.

EasyT replied on 16/10/2019 21:27

Posted on 16/10/2019 21:11 by nelliethehooker

It wasn't the one that Jill commented on, OP, ET & AD, it was one from 2108 in the "New to Caravanning" section concerning Hobby caravans.

Posted on 16/10/2019 21:27

I won't speak my mind Nellie for fear of getting your thread closed prematurely

ABM replied on 16/10/2019 22:53

Posted on 16/10/2019 22:53

" Locking Posts "

 For a moment there I thought this was going to be a thread about security of gates and fences embarassed

EmilysDad replied on 17/10/2019 00:03

Posted on 16/10/2019 21:19 by Tinwheeler

Harmless comments deleted as well 😤

Oh, well, I feel another report and/or email to the CM is in order.

Posted on 17/10/2019 00:03

 .... and do you think an email will make the slightest difference? 🤐

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