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Rowena replied on 20/09/2018 10:38

Posted on 20/09/2018 10:38

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you a summary of what’s been happening on the forum as we will have some new staff faces to introduce soon who will be helping members around the forum and will do their best to answer any questions and offer advice. As such I will be starting a new introductions discussion so please keep your eyes peeled.

We are also looking to use the forum more to get members to trial and review products so please also look out for these posts. We value members feedback and it’s been great having iDriver trialing a motorhome with the Club’s new Try Before You Buy initiative. You can read all about iDriver’s experience in Your Stories. If anyone is interested in trialing a caravan for Try Before You Buy please drop me an email communitymanager@camc.com as we still have a free caravan hire available for a Club Together member.

Finally, unfortunately we have had a lot of posts recently that have needed to be deleted as conversation has gone off track, turned into arguments and has become heated at times. This is something we are trying to avoid so please can we ask you all to keep conversation friendly and avoid any conflict and report posts to us to review rather than respond. Unfortunately due to the amount of posts and discussion this has been happening on, it may result in users who we have had to delete posts being temporarily suspended from the forum for up to a week (or longer if we feel the guidelines have been contravened) whilst we review activity to avoid these confrontations from continuing. We thank you for your understanding with this matter and we appreciate that the majority of Club Together members support the community by being friendly and constructive when posting. 

nelliethehooker replied on 22/09/2018 20:19

Posted on 22/09/2018 11:07 by brue

Rowena. The forum web site has developed several faults over the last few days. Discussion contributions are out of sync, editing has intermittent faults and "likes" aren't working properly either. Is there any explanation about this? I have reported it today.

Posted on 22/09/2018 20:19

I've just reported your post brue, hoping that some notice will be taken of it!!

DSB replied on 24/09/2018 20:20

Posted on 24/09/2018 20:20

Thanks for the update Rowena.

On a similar subject of 'posts disappearing and reappearing', I find if I edit one of my own posts, the different versions of the posts seem to come up in a random way, even if I check in on a different device.  This seems most odd!