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cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2017 08:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 08:59


This thread is not for discussions. Post ONLY factual information.

To provide a comprehensive list of problems encountered, I would suggest that each post lists only one issue at a time.

Provide details of problem  as concisely as possible.

Operating system, machine used and relevant software. i.e. Macbook/ PC/tablet, Windows XP/ iOS7 etc, Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome inc version No.

Please do not enter into discussions such as "I've had/not had this problem" as this will detract from the objectivity of the thread. Hopefully this thread may assist the IT department in finding where "all the bodies are buried".


EmilysDad replied on 16/09/2020 14:53

Posted on 16/09/2020 11:47 by Cadman58

The Caravan and Motorhome Club really need to get their act together as far as their Internet speeds on All their Sites...😡

We are currently staying at The Beechwood Site near York. I carried out a speed test an it hardly registered so how they can claim speeds of up to 100Mbps you are clearly having a laugh.  
This exactly was the same at the Longleat site plus there was no 4g there at all... 

It is so painfully slow in fact my 4g is about 4 times faster so what is the point of waisting money paying for the Caravan Club Internet, in my opinion a complete an utter waist of money.
Sort it out CMC we are not in the 1990’s dial up days anymore, or perhaps you are and haven't realise the world has moved on!

Posted on 16/09/2020 14:53

I'm afraid your pleas will fall on deaf ears  ..... this thread started 3 & a half years ago & nothing much has changed

EasyT replied on 17/09/2020 07:52

Posted on 16/09/2020 08:29 by brue

Before I sign in the site updates quickly, latest activity is working. As soon as I sign in it falls apart and server error appears on every click for latest activity. I can only see posts via the discussion tab.

Weeks and weeks of updating faults is disappointing. Especially on the main web site where late availability is advertised but gives the wrong impression of whole areas of the UK being full.

Posted on 17/09/2020 07:52

 Weeks and weeks of updating faults is disappointing.

I can't agree Brue. Updating the faults has increased their occurrence markedly.