Tutorial for uploading photos and video

RochelleCC replied on 15/12/2016 09:05

Posted on 15/12/2016 09:05

Hi everyone, 

As requested, I've created a tutorial video for those who would like some help uploading photo and video on Club Together. Feel free to use this thread to practice!

If you have any further questions please let me know smile


SteveL replied on 03/06/2019 07:36

Posted on 02/06/2019 11:20 by Rocky 2 buckets

I tried the ‘image in a new tab’ trick, yes I can see it’s a LV but other than that it does the van no favours it’s like looking at it thru water. . .It is fuzzy. Not what the photographer wanted to portray I expect☹️

Posted on 03/06/2019 07:36

Zoomed to full size on my iPad it is clear enough and as ET says it's smaller than what is permitted.