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misssing replied on 15/02/2021 22:06

Posted on 15/02/2021 22:06


we've been members for about 3 years now and love, love, love we are truly hooked with the caravan addiction laughing  We love going to the New Forest sites and I have always brought the internet year option which is great and so easy to set up and connect to.  My query is and apologies if this has already been discussed, I have only used a small part of my minutes (due to the obvious ugh foot-in-mouth lockdown) and wondered if anyone knew if the club were extending the minutes into the next year or will I loose them and have to get another year subscription?

Thanks in advance for your help


Regards Claire 

Tinwheeler replied on 15/02/2021 22:15

Posted on 15/02/2021 22:15

It's Air Angel not the club who make these decisions and I believe they have given some sort of extension.

I can’t give you details as I never buy the site Wi-fi so I’m not really interested but you'll probably find it on this website somewhere.

Cornersteady replied on 16/02/2021 09:30

Posted on 16/02/2021 09:30

As TW says the Wifi is through Airangel

If you are experiencing difficulty with the Wi-Fi facility on site (e.g. logging on, purchasing time, issues with your devices, payment or refund queries) please contact Airangel (the Wi-Fi supplier) direct on 0333 240 7610. Lines open 24/7, 365 a days a year.

I think you could ring them? Hope this helps.

More information here:


JVB66 replied on 16/02/2021 09:36

Posted on 16/02/2021 09:36

Last years lockdown Air Angel extended the annual contract for those affected by 3months m not sure what has happened since, as posted give them a ring

I have not renewed yet

Cornersteady replied on 16/02/2021 09:46

Posted on 16/02/2021 09:46

It says on the help page link I've given that the club is now partnered with BT? Is that just for the upgrade or supplying the Wifi and replacing Airangel?

It does say :


If I have already purchased Wi-Fi in 2020 for 12 months, will this still apply now that the Wi-Fi provision is changing? 

Yes, there will be no change to your package - you can use this as many times as you wish until the expiry date of the service that you have purchased

DavidKlyne replied on 16/02/2021 10:08

Posted on 16/02/2021 10:08

I would have thought that BT(OpenReach) are providing the fibre to the campsite and Air Angel will continue to maintain and administer the distribution of WiFi within the campsite? I noticed on the sites with the high speed connection that streaming is now allowed which is a major change. 

At the start of last year I do seem to recall that there was an extension of the annual period due to COVID on access purchased in 2019. Whether that is still ongoing for those that purchased last year I don't know.


misssing replied on 16/02/2021 22:30

Posted on 16/02/2021 22:30

Thank you all for your responses it maybe we won't be released until April time looking at the headlines frown  I'll give Air Angel a call

Many thanks and happy travels when we are allowed 



DavidKlyne replied on 30/03/2021 15:31

Posted on 30/03/2021 15:21 by eribaMotters

I was lead to believe that the site wi-fi is not up to streaming TV.



Posted on 30/03/2021 15:31

It didn't used to be but on the sites with the higher speed internet apparently it is now allowed. I think it was mentioned when they announced the upgrade in the magazine?