New on here

Eunice40 replied on 05/11/2019 17:26

Posted on 05/11/2019 17:26

Hi all,

We have had our bailey ranger for 3.5 years now and love caravaning all year round.

Been club members for a couple of years but haven't used this forum much at all. Started using CLs more this year and loved it and hoping to start rallying and meeting like minded people now we have become more confident caravanners. 😎

We have 2 boys aged 9 and 6. 


JVB66 replied on 05/11/2019 17:41

Posted on 05/11/2019 17:41

Welcome to CT we are a bit the wrong side of 70 now but when our children were young ( they are in their 50s now) they used to really enjoy rallies and made many friends,

Join your local centre it is free,although you  can rally with any centre if where they are going is where you also fancy

JillwithaJay replied on 05/11/2019 19:13

Posted on 05/11/2019 19:13

Hello Eunice and welcome to Club Together.  We're also on the wrong side of 70 with grown up children/grandchildren but still love caravanning all year round.  We have good warm duvets and central heating so we're happy to be out and about.   

DSB replied on 06/11/2019 17:03

Posted on 06/11/2019 17:03

Hi Eunice.  Welcome to Club Together from me.  Look forward to reading your post.......  From someone who is 'the right side of 70'.... although only marginally so!  laughinglaughing


Waffler replied on 19/11/2019 17:10

Posted on 19/11/2019 17:10

Welcome and to the rally field. When you first go tell the stewards it’s your first time you don’t know what you’re doing. Hopefully they will ask someone to keep an eye on you. Remember that most folks there will know everyone else so take your time and you’ll soon be included.  Great for children.  Two more things, you are expected to go to the welcome and to flag. The latter is the last thing before the rally closes. Usually you take your own cups, check there’s tea and coffee. 

ttekrib replied on 21/11/2019 14:20

Posted on 21/11/2019 14:20

Hi All,

We are new to Caravan & Motorhome club, Our First adventure is starting on Monday going to York. Really looking forward to it and the Christmas Market.






ABM replied on 24/11/2019 14:19

Posted on 24/11/2019 14:19

Welcome indeed, Eunice,  some  of  use  are all year  'vanners as well but  mainly 'cos we can't find our way home  wink

ABM replied on 28/11/2019 12:46

Posted on 28/11/2019 12:46

OOPS,  apologies there - Our  posts got a little crossed in the ether, so a Special welcome to The  TTEKRIB  motorhomers  wink