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Rated 4 of 5

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Wow what an amazing location! Perfect for cycling along the Canal in both directions. Ideal for a stop-over when visiting Slimbridge BUT we were put off by the lack of signs. On arrival there was nobody home. I phoned and left a message but did not receive a reply. We couldn't find the emptying point and the one tap we did find didn't have a drinking water sign with it so we were unsure if that was the one we were supposed to be using. We weren't sure where to leave our rubbish either so took it home with us. There were 3 vans already on the field - one looked like a store for horse food and the other two looked unoccupied. There were ponies and sheep on the field so the owners are very trusting that visitors shut the gate. I thought it was a requirement of the CMHC to have two taps, both labeled, one for drinking water and one for rinsing by the emptying point? A sign by the emptying point would be good too as well as decicated rubbish and recycling facilities.

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