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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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Its all changed.

I have used this CL a few times with few problems in the past but not for a year or two, Super location but that was all it had going for it being a sloping rather unkempt field, tap with a Trust Box for the fee hung on the hedge by the gate.  Booking was possible but most people out of season turned up and parked well away from each other for privacy and not to obstruct the view to the other campers. Wonderful just what I wanted in a CL. Well, its all changed as has the owner but not for the better sadly! Arrived a little late on a Thursday evening 6pm 2 June 2016. As we drove through the gate in our 5.4m campervan we found 4 large caravans parked close together next to the gate 2 to the left and 2 to the right alongside the walls.  Each pitch was not too wide and had a tatty bit of bailing twine hung from steel rods to mark out the pitches. The field was unkempt and looked if it had not been mowed for some months being rough grass 2 foot high, apart from the 5 marked pitches which were mown  The only clear pitch was down a slope through the 2 foot high uncut grass over what we knew from the past was very rough ground. Being rather unwilling to park in a campervan that does not perform well on wet grass down a slope, we parked by the gate.  We were off early the next day so were far from concerned about the view, never are? This was behind the 4 vans and in no way obstructed their outlook in any way whatsoever. As we stopped one of the campers straight away appeared from his van and asked if we had booked. We HAD tried calling the number in the book earlier in the day and got an answer phone. No one called us back which was usual for the site in the past, but not any more. He TOLD us to park in the empty site but did not know if it was booked? Frankly not wanting to get stuck at the bottom of the site and facing possibly wet 2 foot high grass in the morning. But also not wanting to take a booked pitch, we stayed where we were out of the way from the other vans. Around 9 pm the owner arrived in high dudgeon claiming she had had complaints, and that we HAD to move down the slope to the tatty roped off area through the unkempt 2 foot high grass. There was no attempt to either understand why we were concerned or explain what the complaints were about. She then changed track claiming we had just turned up and had not booked. On telling her we had tried and left a message on her answerphone which we had not had the courtesy of a reply. She stated that that was her Mother In Law and she did not listen very often to it. With that we explained we had been before, to which she replied that the “Days of come and park as you like are over” and that she would now allocate pitches and there was no attempt to understand. With this we frankly felt that what was a simple site liked was now a poorly maintained over managed one and that any past appeal had gone. I asked if she would prefer the we leave and rather dumbstruck she said “if you wish” and we left.

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