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I am a travel editor with over 25 years experience. I am relatively knew to caravanning (3 years) and have visited many sites. I visited this CL on Fri 5th August 2016. This is not really a site, rather its the yard of an old farm. Despite the facilities that were listed on the website, I was disappointed to discover there were no facilities at all. No toilet, no shower, no recycling, no waste. There was electric hook-up but there were problems with that as the RCD kept blowing on the main consumer unit. Interestingly all the 5 caravan points were in the same box on a stone wall. There was a hose and the wastewater facility was available by lifting a manhole cover. The elderly gentleman who owns the site was very pleasant and offered me a cup of tea. He is having some family issues at present with a very ill wife. This really is not a viable CL not only because of the lack of facilities but the site is on farm that has dangerous chemicals lying around. In Fact the container I found lying near the water tap was AGRITOX, this is a very dangerous weed killer and must not be left lying around. Had a child come across this there would have been a disaster. The owner is a very nice person but with the lack of toilet facilities and poor electrics and lack of bins etc., its not worth visiting.


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