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I agree wjth all the previous reviews. The field is large but all the pitches are crammed together which is a real shame. The grass was long when we arrived so by the time we left after 2 weeks the grass was Very long. No real problem with that but it did confirm the lack of visibilty of the site owner - we didn't see anyone all week. We got the feeling the owner is not particularly interested in the site.  The waste drain for toilet contents has no tap so you have to go 100yds to rinse out your tank. As there is no tap at the waste point you cant rinse away any splashes around the drain. Not very hygenic.  The business size wheelie bin was absolutely full when we arrived and was not emptied during the 2 weeks we were there. By the time we left we couldnt get our rubbish in the bin so had to leave it (bagged) at the side of the bin. Again, not very pleasant and a bit smelly. Having said all that we had a fantastic holiday and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The other people on the site were all very friendly. Incidently they made similar comments re no waste tap and the pitches being too close together. A real shame. Would we go back....probably not to that particular site, there are loads of other sites to go to in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. 

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