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Do not go here if you have a dog

Do not go there if you have a dog, owners let there dog roam the site unattended and along the lane. It is not good when you have a nervous dog on a lead and the owners dog seems to think it is OK to follow it around wherever you go. Owners need to decide whether they want a CL or a garden, it is imposing for guests to relax in this situation. Too many very tall trees makes it cold and damp day and night. BEWARE..1/2 mile of single track road with sharp bends and NO passing places

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carters replied on 02/06/2022 07:14

Posted on 02/06/2022 07:14

Pretty unfair review in my opinion. We’re not that regular visitors, probably twice a year. Yes, there is a narrow approach road, however, as you approach it you have ample opportunity to wait for any vehicles to pass before using it as you have clear views of the whole lane from the start of it to the site entrance. Regarding the owners dog, it’s about 15 years old and doesn’t bother anything or anybody. In terms of the comments ‘cold and damp’….RIDICULOUS! Yes there are high hedges enclosing the site but these do not hinder the sun, and most certainly do not make the site cold and damp. This is the most ‘relaxing’ site we have been to.