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Warning Under New Managerment!!!!

Recently returned from this CL; warning to all – this site is now under new management. There are a number of issues, these maybe due to the fact that the new owners are still finding their feet. One – the CL is not exclusive to club members, on several occasions overseas visitors arrived on the site. Two – the five-van rule doesn’t always apply, on one night there where a total of 7 Motorhomes and caravans. Three – the exclusive WC and shower facilities were also used by another motorhome parked around the back and by others working around the permissions. Also lack of toilet rolls and faulty lighting within the facilities. Four – the cesspit badly needed emptying, the stench was unbearable (Note - we have been club members for over 15 years and stayed on many CLs). We were advised that it was due to be emptied but wasn’t whilst we were there. Five – Total lack of arrival information, all we got was the code to the WC and shower, it was a case of pitch in the field and the rest was left for us to discover how and where things were. Could be a great CL if it was managed and run to the standard that club members expect.

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Tinwheeler replied on 11/08/2018 15:44

Posted on 11/08/2018 15:44

The overseas visitors could well be club members but, by accepting non-members and exceeding 5 vans, the site owner could be putting his exemption certificate at risk and also putting the club’s right to issue such certificates in jeopardy.

In the interests of the club maintaining it’s current status as being an exemption granting organisation, and for the sake of all the other CLs, I think you should bring this to the attention of the CL Department.

Ben Nock replied on 13/08/2018 11:46

Posted on 13/08/2018 11:46

Good Morning sunnyhunny,

We are sorry to hear that you didn't have enjoyable stay with us.

To answer some of the issues you experiences:

1. We can confirm that the site is only exclusive to club members and some of those are overseas members.

2. With regards to the 7 pitches being full,  6 were booked in due to an oversite by the previous owner and the 7th arrived and didn't note the signs to call before entry to check availability. As no one is present on site in the evenings and over the weekend we were not aware anyone had pitched up until we found the payment in our drop box the previous working day. We are now having electric gates fitted at the end of the month to stop this issue occurring again.

3. The shower facilities are for exclusive use of the site and the codes are only issued to people who are booked on the site, however the washer and dryer are also used by the attached 3 cottage lets. 2 toilet rolls are issued everyday; we were warned by the previous owners not to issue anymore as they seem to go 'missing' but we will now issue more in the hopes that this doesn't happen again.

4. As we are new owners we have to take out new contracts with waste management companies which does take a week or more, but now the contract is set up they will be emptied on a frequent basis to stop this issue from ever arising again.

5. The new owner wishes to run the site as a more self-sufficient site for a trial period. There are multiple signs posted around however with 2 numbers on to call if you have any problems. One of these numbers is manned 7.30am-5.30pm and the other is manned 24hours a day.

We can only apologise again that you experienced these issues and wished you would have contacted us at the time so we could have tried to rectify them. We hope that this has not discouraged you from returning to us and hope that you do in future now that we have sorted them out.