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Sadly shall not be going back to this lovely site. New owners do not live on site, so everything is done by phone/text. Apparently staff, when occasionaly on site, are not supposed to speak to you. This we found when the "manager" was a few feet from us, and totally blanked us. Prices have now risen quite sharply too since we were there two weeks ago. Awnings £2 per night. Dog Bin overflowing all week. Rubbish area also overflowing. Very disappointing. We will not be there again to see if it improves.

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Ben Nock replied on 30/08/2018 17:02

Posted on 30/08/2018 17:02

We are very sorry to see that you will not be returning to us. 

The new owner wishes to run a more self sufficient site, but someone would have been only too happy to pop up if needed. 

We can only apologise that you feel our manager didn't acknowledge you. She not only runs the CL site but also 7 holiday lets so is often quite busy but again would have been only too happy to talk through any issues you had if you had 'flagged her down'.

Prices were increased to due the previous owner commenting she wasn't charging enough. Prices rose at the beginning of July but as you had booked with the previous owner we felt it only fair to honer the price that was agreed with you by the previous owner.

Sadly with regards to the rubbish we cannot control the amount of rubbish that is accumulated and the frequency of which the mins are collect. If overflowing we try to move it over to our lets bins but as we were fully booked this was not possible.

We are very sad to here you won't be returning to us but hope we have cleared up any issues you may have had and thank you for your feed back.