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Rated 4 of 5

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Very disappointing return visit!

This was our second stay, booked in advance as usual and paid our deposit after having checked all the details of the site on the CAMC site. This time we also came with our elderly parents. On our second day the owner ‘Dave’ approached us and told us that we couldn’t have a groundsheet down. We politely informed him that the site description on the CAMC site ‘clearly stated’ that breathable groundsheets were permitted and that at no point when we made the booking or upon arrival was this not the case. He stated ‘He had changed his mind and that we had to remove the breathable groundsheet.’ He also insisted we paid for our whole stay upfront, which wasn’t a problem and we did, although we haven’t had to do so before. We explained to him that the groundsheets both my parents and ourselves were using were top-of-the-range Kampa-Dometic groundsheets and had always in the past kept the grass in pristine condition, protecting the grass from continued footfall from using the awning. All this seemed to have fallen on deaf ears and he was insistent on the removal of the groundsheets. Eventually, he realised ‘he was in the wrong’ for not informing us prior to the booking or upon arrival that groundsheets weren’t allowed. We compromised and lifted a corner every day to please him. Three days before the day of our departure he insisted we completely remove the groundsheets and as he already taken our money we felt pressurised in complying with his demands. On the day of our departure he was hanging around with his mower, waiting for us to leave at around 10:30a.m. muttering under his breath, loud enough for us to hear the words “They’ll not be another one like you, that’s for sure.” The thing is, ‘Dave’ ended up shooting himself in the foot as removing the groundsheet 3 days before we left caused more damage to the grass as we had to walk in the awning wearing our shoes instead of our bare feet on the groundsheet. (We took photos of the awning grass all the way through our stay to prove that while the groundsheet was down, no damage has occurred to the grass whatsoever. Only after the removal of the groundsheet was the grass in a worse state that it had been before). Of course there was some discolouration of the grass on the footprint of where the outside of the awning had been which is inevitable with any awning. So, to sum up our stay, the location as always was wonderful. Sadly, the behaviour of the owner of the site ‘Dave’ was incredibly, horrendous, uncaring, unprofessional and downright rude. If you do decide to book this site, just make sure you ‘don’t step on his grass!’ I wouldn’t ever stay at this site again, even if you paid me to! Awful, awful, awful! A word of advice ‘Dave’, I completely understand you wanting to keep your site looking nice for your guests, but maybe instead of using all EIGHT of your pitches, you could use the CAMC rules and just use FIVE of them allowing you to rotate your pitches giving time for the grass to recover.

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