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A very pleasant site with spotless utilities etc. BUT Be careful on arrival as you have to pass through 2 gates which are very close together to access the field. This means your caravan will stick out onto what can be and usually is, a busy road. We had travelled from Cornwall and after an early start we arrived at 1.30. In the field there was a notice board with our name on it, together with our pitch number and a small sketch of how to site your caravan, awning and car. There were no other Caravans on site at the time, so nothing to compare with, so I sighted our caravan parallel to the road in order to try and reduce road noise and optimise sunshine in the awning. Big Mistake!!! After around 2 hours the awning was up and all finished. 2 hours later at 5.30 we had a visit from the owner who hadn't noticed we had arrived 4 hours earlier and who's first words were you can't park that way round you will have to move didn't you see the notice board. I pleaded my innocence but no, I had to move. Covid was sited as a reason so as to give spacing between caravans when in fact turning actually made us closer to our neighbours when they arrived. At least we were all lined up in a nice tidy row. So, none of pleasantries you would normally expect from cl site owners. We alway stay on cl sites as they afford a relaxed atmosphere, sadly in this instance it was not the case. Lovely large site, just not allowed to make the most of it.

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