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When review stars are 2x 1, 2x 2 & 2x 5, result is an overall 3 stars you begin to wonder. We had a Red Letter voucher for the near-by vineyard tour so we thought we would try it regardless. Vineyard and CL are owned by the same family, but quite different members of it. We understood they were next door. So with an afternoon wine tasting, we could walk there & back easily. Yes on a map they are virtually adjacent. However getting there means leaving the CL by the entrance, down a country lane, through the village, (Quite interesting) and up a track. Which took us a 1/4 of an hour. The 3 hour tour, wine-tasting, afternoon tea were very good. We had booked 2 nights on the CL so we could do this. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was part of my 70th birthday treat, and was appreciated. The CL. - I tell friends a CL is a farmer's field with a tap, emptying point, and bins. Maybe electricity. Which it was. Directions - we went down the correct lane. There is a sign pointing to the CL fastened to a highways department sign. Everything in the area is overgrown, so we nearly didn't see it. As it was we had to back maybe a couple of feet. The turn is tight. Then there is a sign pointing to the entrance which you suddenly find is by you. Again not a lot of room. But we got there without any real problem. CL - The field is a good size. There are 6 electric points. However a couple are under trees where the branches might make a noise over night. One is opposite with as good a view as you could want in the middle of a farming county. The grass had obviously been allowed to grow longish, then was cut so it lay in strips down the field. And trod into the caravan. We have caravanned for 40 years, on all kinds of sites. This is a farmer's field with basic facilities. Everything was there and worked. I have been to some CL's which were far better, with all kinds of facilities probably in an out house, hard standing even. Others are basic but full-filling all the requirements. This is basic. To pay, we left the money in a letter box outside the bungalow by the vineyard and phoned the owner to say what we had done. Later we saw her walking her dog, she waved. I was not woken up by a cockerel as other have been. However one morning I was aware of on in the distance. This is not a 1 star or 5 star CL It is a basic site fulfilling all requirements. It was certainly value. It is not impossible that we will return, as there are so many other things in the area to do.

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