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Never have I been so disappointed with a caravan club site. There was a steep incline into the site off a main road and totally unsuitable for a large outfit. There was no room to put even a small awning up as the site was all hard standing covered with what can only be described as rubble! There was no view of the golf club. There were shipping containers stored very close to the site which looked unsightly. Road noise considerable. No where safe for children to play as the only pitch with any grass has been take . I agree with the previous review that the site is not large enough for 5 caravans. £20 per night is a disgrace to shower and toilet in what can only be described as a porta cabin. This site needs to be reviewed by the caravan club immediately.

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ScreenName774BB95C13 replied on 23/09/2021 09:55

Posted on 23/09/2021 09:55

I reported the Golfers View site to the Caravan Club in 5.8.21, this is their reply 

“I'm really sorry to hear about your experience when you visited the Certificated Location (CL) at Golfers' View recently and this particular CL has fallen short of reasonable expectations.
I can only apologise if you were disappointed with the site, Covid has been a challenging year for everyone and the CL owners may still be catching up with maintenance that they have been unable to carry out during this time.  However,we will have the CLA go through the photographs on the web with the site owners to express the concerns you have raised and to ensure their description is accurate.

As I hope you’ll appreciate, unfortunately we cannot maintain a constant eye on all CLs, but we rely on feedback from members like yourself to highlight individual CLs where on occasion there is a reduction in service provision.  This feedback is extremely valuable as it provides a tangible basis for seeking worthwhile improvements to ensure that a reliable standard of service is maintained.  
As we’re only a small administration team, we are unfortunately not able to write back further to you detailing the outcome of your complaint, but please be assured that every complaint received is investigated confidentially. “

This, despite the fact that I sent them clear photographic evidence of how the site looks now, in stark contrast to the photos on the listing!