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Lovely site. Neat tidy and location suited our needs. Only fly in the ointment was grass cutting. Bloke decided to cut it - already short - during peaceful afternoon - arrived to do a circle in the middle away from the caravans; then missing lots decided to cut the edges very close to each caravan - not only strange but intrusive - proximity, noise and smelly diesel fumes from the cutter tractor. So in a flash a peaceful summer snooze became noisy, smelly and pollen ridden - for no good reason. I asked him to stop or stay away from the caravan - wife has hay fever. He argued the grass ‘had to be cut there and then’ - No it does not - consider the customer! He turned the tractor off and walked away leaving it blocking our car and view. It was there the next day when the owner approached us. Her opening remarks were “ He said you would be difficult” - we left early the next day without asking for a refund for unoccupied day. Its a long way to go and down some really challenging narrow roads to be dictated to about when SHE wants to cut her grass - irrespective of her customers wishes or circumstances. Not big on Customer Friendly. Voted with our feet - or should I say wheels...

Response from the CL Owner

Thank you for visiting our site and for your review.  I am glad you found it neat and tidy, we pride ourselves on having a neat and tidy site with large pitches and beautiful countryside views. 

We employ a person to cut our grass and plan for that to happen (weather permitting) around midday or early afternoon each week as we have found that our visitors are generally out at this time exploring the local area.  

We have learnt that our visitors prefer for us to collect the grass cuttings when mowing so as  not to leave them on the lawn to be carried into peoples caravans under foot. This does mean however the cutting process takes a little longer due to the emptying of the grass cuttings. To ensure that it causes a minimum amount of discomfort  to guests that may remain at the site all day we aim to cut it weekly (again weather permitting) so there is not  too much to cut in order for us to do it quickly, usually in less than one hour.

In the fifteen years of running the site we have found guests to be very understanding of lawn mowing as they enjoy the results of  a neat and tidy site. We have never had a single complaint before and therefore we were completely taken aback to have received one. 

Since your visit, if we ever have visitors on site when we are mowing the lawn we now personally ask them if they would object if we spent around an hour mowing the lawn.  I am pleased to report that everyone has been most understanding and keen for us to continue so we can keep our site neat and tidy for both themselves and future visitors.

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Tinwheeler replied on 20/07/2018 10:28

Posted on 20/07/2018 10:28

But it is HER grass and, being a farm, the work has to fit around other things. 

It is a pain if you suffer from hay fever which is why I steer clear of grass pitches on farm sites whenever possible during the pollen season.