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We booked for 4 nights stay, left after 3, would have left after 1 if it were possible. Unfortunately the owners son had a party in the owners garden, which adjoins the CL field, no prior warning because if we would have not come. Loud music etc until 1 am and beyond. We were not able to sleep at all that night. Also unfortunately, it was NOT ADULT ONLY, as claimed. We only book adult only sites, we highly value peace and quiet, and were aghast on our second day on returning to the site to find in the caravan next to us, two 5 and 7 year old girls staying in the caravan (apparently grandchildren of the owner of the caravan). Also three small boys aged 4-9 in the caravan the other side of us. We left the next morning, cutting short our stay. As we left, I spoke to the owner, who is a very nice man. He explained the 3 children were there because they had attended the family party two days before, (but they were still there after two days) , the 2 girls were the grandchildren of the owner of the other caravan. I said we had specifically booked the site because it was Adults only, he seemed genuinely astonished I was complaining. Obviously he is entitled to have parties and allow children on the site if he wishes, but I strongly feel he should have shut the site for that weekend to (paying!!!) Caravan Club Members. Highly disappointed in the site, ruined the start of our holiday. Maybe another weekend, without the family party it would be another story, I don't know. I will not be returning to find out!

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