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This must rate as the worst CL that my i have ever stayed on. We booked this site early on in the year as the one we really did want closed down due to retirement. As an alternative we booked this one assuming as it is in Devon its got to be good and popular, so we booked early to avoid disappointment as they say. Quiet, Tranquil, Scenic, and accessible are not terms i would use. I would use terms like, Boggy, Noisy, Smelly, Non Scenic, The local village has no shop, no pub, no post office in fact absolutely nothing not even a footpath next to the very busy road that this site is situated on, but why would you want one there's nowhere to go. Plus we had the added bonus of having the neighbours from hell next door in the adjoining property. They can only be described as 'pyromaniacs; I understand that the club advertises these CL's as back to basics, but this site has taken this a little to far after-all we are in the 21st century. The Elsan point is found located in between 2 dilapidated chicken sheds and consists of a hole in the ground filled with the most vile smelling, evil looking liquid your ever likely to look at. The smell lingers all over the site. The ground is so soft that I had trouble levelling the van. The corner steadies just kept sinking into the ground. We thought something must be amiss about this site as we were in Devon during the busiest 2 weeks of the summer season and the site was empty, we were the only ones on it. The noise at night from the busy road right next to the site was horrendous and constant. As for the 'pyromaniacs' next door, well I won't get started on them.If after reading this you still decide to go there, Well you have been warned. I personally won't use CL's again.

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