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Having visited the site several times before we were saddened and surprised to find it in a dreadful state when we stayed for four nights early June. The grass hadn't been cut, the bins were overflowing, the toilets hadn't been cleaned and a black moldy bar of soap to welcome you with hand towel which was very smelly and not fit for use. The weeds around the site were unsightly and the high hedgerow prevented you from enjoying the beautiful views. TV reception was hit and miss and Wi Fi none existent despite the fact that these are advertised! Lane way leading to site is high at center and loose stone with dreadful turn down to the site. Dog Walk has been closed off at top of site. We saw no one except the owner's husband and father during our stay. I telephoned the owner to call for the payment prior to us leaving and she never appeared hence us leaving the money at her parent's home as we left on our final day. Beautiful well kept site in past but lots of maintenance required. Would return if work carried out.

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Hazel77 replied on 09/09/2018 00:23

Posted on 09/09/2018 00:23

We are sincerely sorry that you found our site unacceptable during your stay this time...  Unfortunately, I was unwell during your stay and, as a result, our usual standards may have slipped.  All issues have been resolved, except the 'hedge' which is actually Japanese knot weed, highly invasive, that multiplies if cut...