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Phoned ahead to make a booking and left ansaphone message ( no prob), on arrival just pitched up and hoped all was ok. Very casually a man wandered past watering newly planted trees, no distant greeting , no nothing. I made the first opening conversation asking if he was the owner and was it ok we pitched and this pitch not prebooked for someone “ No I am just a minion” said the man. I dunno, have you booked?” .... no i replied but i left a message, “well it should be ok if “ She” said it was ok” ..... I only left a message so “ she” has not yet confirmed anything I replied. Is “she” your wife ? .... i asked ....”God no, i told you I am just a minion the owner she lives in London”......no sooner that said when he Barked at my partner...”NO! NO!” .... she was going to tie the dogs with dog cables to the fence... ok its not best practice but he could have been more polite. My partner had just arrived from overseas and asked me “ Is everyone this unfriendly here and does he not realise we are the customer?”. It rather put a dampener on our two night stay altho we never saw him again until time to check out and pay when to be fair he was quite reasonable. All that said its a nice little site, quiet, and contrary to prev review the water is closeby next to the pitches. MUST visit Cleeve Abbey if you stay , a mile away and fab! Oh another general gripe to App/Web mgers.... prices stated on these is NOT the price we end up paying! This site says online “ Pitch and all occup £11”. Very attractive, until you get there and theres a note on the gate saying its £15!!! Too late by then, we are here. Please CC and Site Owners work harder to update the online content... its the future and where more of your bookings will come. Other than “pricing”, the App is very good.

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MainlyWild replied on 14/08/2018 17:06

Posted on 14/08/2018 17:06

Each to their own , I found that the "Minion " had a wicked sense of humour ( a bit like my own ) and we got on well ,  it says on the web site that it's £15 so where £11 came from I don't know , it's a well maintained and quite site , and I must agree with Giles ,Cleeve Abbey is a must 

Tinwheeler replied on 14/08/2018 17:28

Posted on 14/08/2018 17:28

The web page here shows £11 for 2016. Common sense dictates that it will have increased over 2 years.

I guess the 'minion' was horrified at the thought of having to replace the fence if it was pulled down by dogs tethered to it. It wasn’t a great idea really.